Italic Type is a celebration of what it means to be a reader. And about the magic that happens when readers come together to share, teach, learn, discuss, debate, and rejoice.

Why we're creating a better experience for readers.

Reading is Good for You

Reading improves just about every facet of your life. It reduces stress, improves brain health, preserves memory, and enhance empathy.

Community is Awesome

Book clubs take the benefits of reading up a notch! Learn something new from someone with a different life experience, get exposed to new books and ideas you might not have otherwise, and - perhaps most significantly - make new friends.

Ads are Not

We want to create a technology company focused on helping people read more books instead of serving more targeted ads.

Book Industry Needs Innovation

Publishers and authors want to sell more books. They want to have an ongoing relationship and conversation with readers. Italic Type will provide direct, targeted channels for more authors to breakthrough to the right group of readers.

Meet the Team

Emily Achler

Emily worked in VC for 5+ years before deciding the thing she loved more than anything was reading books and talking to smarter people than herself about them. After starting a book club in Chicago in 2012, she fixated on how to use tech to bring the "book club experience" to more people.

Jason Skicewicz

Jason is a computer scientist and full stack developer who is on a mission to shake up the technology world of the publishing industry. His Chicago Public Library account always has at least 4 books on hold at any given time, typically in the civics meets technology genre.

Rachel Hyman

Rachel has been developing mobile apps since 2014. She loves literary fiction and poetry chapbooks.

Kelsey Patterson

Kelsey has been working as a brand and digital designer for 7 years. She wasn’t always a big reader growing up, got into it more through a book club! She connected with the mission of Italic Type right away.