Our purpose is to help readers thrive in an age of distraction and noise by creating a platform where readers feel at home.

Why we're creating a better book app for people who love to read.

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By readers for readers

We're a small team of three that started with a mission to build a platform we love to use as much as we love to read — and as unreasonably voracious readers, that bar is sky-high.

Great design is a sign of respect

We're committed to great design and a streamlined interface (read: zero ads, distractions, or clutter) so you can focus on what really matters — your books.

Getting "digital for readers" right — finally

We put trust and authenticity at the center of everything we do. We want to make untrustworthy, irrelevant reviews and spammy book advertising a thing of the past. These issues were recently profiled in the New York Times, where Italic Type is cited as a "promising alternative" to the incumbents.

The value of books

We're inspired by the power of books — to change minds, to see yourself or the world more clearly, to inspire action. The real value of a book is not the price sticker — it's what you get from it that matters, who you discuss it with.

Five Things That Make Us Different


We care about curation, not just collection

In our State of the Reader survey, eight times as many folks said prioritizing all the books they'd like to read was more challenging than discovering them in the first place. Our Queue Labels help you remember what drew you to a book so you don't get lost in a haze of options.


We elevate meaning over metrics

Other platforms make reading into a sport: challenges, streaks, and metrics dominate. But we see a good book as something to savor, not a race to be rushed through. Our Book Boards are a tranquil space to slow down, reflect, and engage.


We use our indoor voice

The whole point of being a reader is, well, reading. We're committed to great design and ruthless about relevance: anything that distracts you from your books is a non-starter. As one user put it, "Italic Type keeps me focused on the most important thing — my experience with the book — and cuts out the noise."


We're built for community, not crowds

We don't believe readers benefit from an endless feed — especially when most content comes from strangers and sponsors. We understand that the intimacy of your close-knit reading communities is a feature, not a bug.


We're independent and ad-free

We're a small-but-mighty team of three working on Italic Type full-time. We're committed to building a sustainable business that treats readers with the respect they deserve - which means no ads, no distractions, and no Amazon (which owns Goodreads and its vast troves of data).

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Meet the Team

Emily Achler

Co-Founder and Community Builder

Emily is an experienced tech marketer, brand strategist, and writer. She applies her insights from a decade of leading book clubs to create the Italic Type platform and community for readers, by readers.


Jason Skicewicz

Co-Founder and Developer

Jason is a computer scientist and full stack developer who is on a mission to shake up the technology world of the publishing industry.


Christina Pappas

Co-Founder and Researcher

Christina is a mixed-methods user researcher with an MBA from Berkeley-Haas and a fondness for speculative fiction. Book recommendations are her love language.