Italic Type is a book app that celebrates what it means to be a reader. We believe in the magic that happens when book lovers come together to share, teach, learn, discuss, debate, and rejoice.

Why we're creating a better book app for people who love to read.

A group of people talking about books while having coffee

Reading is Good

A good reading habit improves just about every facet of your life. It reduces stress, improves brain health, preserves memory, and enhance empathy.

Community is Awesome

We are building a new social network for books and the people who love them. Learn from other people's reading experiences, get exposed to new books and ideas you might not have otherwise, and — perhaps most significantly — make new book friends.

Ads are Not

We want to create a book app that helps people read more books — not just another tech company that serves more targeted ads.

Books Are Innovative

But the industry isn't. Publishers and authors want to sell more books. Readers want an ongoing relationship with fellow book lovers. Italic Type provides a direct, targeted channel for both.

Meet the Team

Emily Achler

Co-Founder and CEO

Emily is an experienced tech marketer, brand strategist, and writer. She applies her insights from a decade of leading book clubs to create the Italic Type platform and community for readers, by readers.

Jason Skicewicz

Co-Founder and CTO

Jason is a computer scientist and full stack developer who is on a mission to shake up the technology world of the publishing industry.

Christina Pappas

Co-Founder and CXO

Christina is a mixed-methods user researcher with an MBA from Berkeley-Haas and a fondness for speculative fiction. Book recommendations are her love language.

Kara Yeomans

Product Designer

Kara is a multidisciplinary designer who uses design as a tool to strengthen the connection between people and the products they use. She is excited to lend her talents to reimagining how readers use technology to become better readers.