A book recommendation app for the deeply personal, idiosyncratic reasons you love to read

Celebrate Black Joy

Unforgettable main characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and big love stories.

What does a 3-star book recommendation even mean, anyway?

If we know anything at all about readers, it's that we're not drawn to the average. Italic Type is a book recommendation app for people who lean in when they start talking about a book. We're here for the three-hour defense of a character's intentions, the actual gasp when you find out people loved a book you couldn't stand, the silent calculus of deciding whether to recommend a particularly spicy book to a new friend.

We're not here to help you find fine books. We're here to help you find your next favorite book — and then recommend it to everyone else who may need it.

If You’re Still Book-Hungover From Station Eleven

Beautifully written + hauntingly provocative speculative fiction.

Staff Picks

Picks from the Italic Type staff.

You Can’t Go Home Again (Or Can You?)

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered." - Nelson Mandela.

Memoirs that Pack a Punch

Personal, real-world stories as unputdownable as any novel.

Coming-Of-Age Tales

Stories about growing up.

Books About Friendship

Yes, they're love stories - with friendship, not romance, at the center.