The place for avid readers.

Avid readers love books, and they love to get the maximum value out of the books they read.

Are you an avid reader? Maybe you’re in a book club or take notes in a journal. Maybe you’re active on book social networks or love #bookstagram posts on social media.

Maybe you're not an avid reader yet, but you aspire to be.

Italic Type is creating a new mobile app for you to do more of what you love: reading great books.

Bring all your reading lists together in the same place. If you’re like us, you have a stack of books over here, and another queue at the library over there. Bring all of your “To Read” lists together and prioritize based on friend recommendations or goals.

Save your thoughts, ideas, and research links in your own book space. You’ll build a record of all the books you have read and your key takeaways. You’ll make better recommendations and develop more working knowledge to apply in life.

Start pop up book clubs to share and discuss your favorites. Sometimes you need someone to read a book so you can talk about it NOW. Sometimes you just know that your best friend would LOVE this book and needs to read it. Send them your recommendation and start reading and discussing together.

Set personalized reading goals - want to read more women authors? More science fiction? More non-fiction about fraud and financial scandals? Track your progress and make it happen.

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